Why Do People Drink Alcohol and Not Get Help for It?

Many people wonder why do people drink alcohol and don’t get help for it. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why people drink alcohol:

1. It relaxes them. Alcohol is a deppressant, which means it can “take the edge off” of feelings of anxiousness or anxiety. Many people who drink alcohol will do so after work, or a “long hard day”.

2. They think they deserve it: Many people who drink alcohol and don’t get help for it will rationalize to themselves that they “deserve to have a drink” after such a long hard day, or even if they went a day or two without drinking.

3. Social Influences: Many people claim they are a “social drinker”, meaning they drink if out at a bar or at a party. While drinking moderately once in awhile will not make you an alcoholic, if you drink socially more than a few times a week, you are setting yourself up to become physically dependent on alcohol. Many friends will pressure someone to go out drinking or it will often seem like there is “nothing else to do”.

4. Problems Gone: Drinking can make you forget about your problems pretty easily. It can also make you less responsible. Many people will drink because they don’t want to think about something or deal with a problem and rather just forget about it.

Now that we understand why people drink alcohol, let’s look at why they don’t get help for it:

1. They don’t realize they have a problem: Most alcoholics do not realize they have a problem until they wake up in the morning needing a drink. Others will continue to brush off the Signs of an Alcoholic or deny them.

2. They think they can do it by themselves: Someone who is not physically dependent on alcohol may be able to quit – but if you are physically dependent on alcohol, quitting alone is not only more difficult, but dangerous as well. Many people feel ashamed of their addiction, and asking for help is not easy.

3. They are afraid of alcohol rehab: Many people have negative feelings towards alcohol rehab treatment centers or counseling, even if these fears or negative beliefs are unfounded. It is really scary to realize you have a problem, and even more scary to imagine what treatment can be like.

While these are not all of the reasons for why do people drink alcohol and not get help for it, these are some of the most common ones to help you understand better why someone with a drinking problem would continue to drink even when it is destroying their lives.

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