The Symptoms of Alcohol Dependency

The symptoms of alcohol dependency, while already somewhat covered in our posts Signs of an Alcoholic and Alcohol Withdrawal Symtoms is something we felt deserved yet another article on here at

The symptoms of alcohol dependency can easily be misinterpreted as other illnesses or conditions. For example, one alcoholic I know was repeatedly trying to quit drinking and at the same time was having serious anxiety attacks. The anxiety attacks and those symptoms were actually the symptoms of alcohol dependency that he was ignoring.

When you are dependent on alcohol, your body craves it. Without alcohol, your body starts sending you signals that it is time for a drink. The alcohol withdrawal symptoms can include anything from shaking hands, nervousness, anxiety, nausea, clammy skin, and more. These are the physical symptoms of alcohol dependency that many people do not realize they thwart by taking another drink.

There are also psychological symptoms of being dependent on alcohol. A person dependent on alcohol may drink even early in the morning, or outside of social functions. The person may rely on an alcoholic drink as a nightcap, and not be able to sleep without it.

The person dependent on alcohol may also schedule their life around when they can have their next drink. For example, a non-alcoholic person would not think twice if they went to a place that didn’t serve alcohol or they were unable to get a drink.

But for the alcoholic, they will purposely want to go places where drinking is accepted and even encouraged. If they run out of alcohol, it could be enough to send them over the edge for desperate measures to obtain alcohol, such as people who would go to a grocery store and get vanilla or over the counter medicines that contain alcohol.

It is hard for people to understand the symptoms of alcohol dependency, especially if they themselves have never been a heavy drinker. It is easy to think that an alcoholic could just stop drinking, but for many this would be the same as expecting a diabetic to stop taking insulin – the diabetic would get very sick if they did stop, and so would the alcoholic if they just stopped drinking.

For more information on the symptoms of alcohol dependency, be sure to check out articles on Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms as well as 24 Signs of an Alcoholic. If you are experiencing the symptoms of alcohol dependency, it is very important that you seek the proper care and help so you do not get misdiagnosed for a different condition, such an anxiety, or go through withdrawal so severe that it may actually be fatal. Many medications and therapeutic treatments are available to help make your symptoms of alcohol dependency be addressed safely and vastly more comfortably.

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