Teenage Drunk Driving Poems

If you work with teenagers, or are a parent, or may need materials for teaching about drunk driving, you may find the drunk driving poems below helpful. All poems are copyright TalkRehab.org, but you may use them as long as you credit TalkRehab.org with a link or as the author.

You Might Not Care About You…

You might not care about you
or what happens to you
or whatever it is that you really do…

But would you care about me?
Or a father of three?
A teacher you liked?
The girl with the spikes?
What about babies? A sister or brother?
A cousin or doctor or mother?
The family pet?

When you drink and drive,
it’s more than just you affect.

There are innocent people
not drinking or driving
but people who get killed
by drunk drivers.

You might not care about you
or what it is that you do
but please respect the rest of us
Please don’t drink and drive -
take a cab, call a friend, or ride the bus.

The Friends I Once Knew

Lindsay, the only one in the car who wore her seatbelt.
And the only one who didn’t live to talk about it.

Sean who fought in Iraq
but didn’t survive the head-on collision.

Jason was lit up when he bailed into a tractor trailer truck

Jim Carroll said it best:
“Those are people who died, died -
they were my friends and they died.”

How to Say No

No is a two letter word.
It is short, and short is sweet.

Let’s practice.

If you’d like, add a thanks
“No Thanks”

You don’t need an explanation.
If no is not the right answer, you do not have the right friends.
A friend understands No. A friend can accept No.

Let’s practice some more.
I don’t drink.
I am leaving.
I’m the designated driver.
No. No thanks.

It’s not hard. Practice, practice, practice.

Have any teenage drunk driving poems you would like to share? We’d love to hear them! Leave us a comment below.

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