Spiritual Books for Help With Addiction

When overcoming addiction, many people look for spiritual books to help with addiction. Spiritual doesn’t always equal religious, which helps with someone who is not exactly committed to one faith or customs, but is looking for inner peace.

Not all spiritual books are created equal however. Some are excellent reads, and others are just kind of a lot of baloney that make you feel even more confused or uncertain. We’ve decided to spend some time reading these books and pick the “best of the best” that can help someone overcome addiction and stay recovered for good.

Our picks for Spiritual Books About Overcoming Addiction:

Mindful Recovery: Mindful recovery is a book that is meant for someone who has already made the decision to quit and looking for ways to remain sober and deal with life without the use of drugs or alcohol. It’s written in a non-threatening manner that gives many suggestions on how to avoid addiction for good. Combining both Eastern and Western practices along with science, it is a nice refreshing book available about overcoming addiction spiritually. Click here to learn more about Mindful Recovery: A Spiritual Path to Healing from Addiction.

Willpower’s Not Enough: This book is written in a very straightforward style and really helps a person understand addiction and the triggers that can cause someone to continue their addictive behavior. It offers many practical suggestions and the encouragement and hope one needs to overcome their addiction.

It does not focus on any one particular addiction, but can work for just about any addiction problem one may face. Click here for more on Willpower’s Not Enough: Recovering from Addictions of Every Kind.

The Last Addiction: This book is the one for someone looking for a book that is based on Christian faith and Biblical teachings. It goes into much detail about what makes us prone to addictions and what can be done to to change the way of thinking to help overcome addiction for good. The book brings hope and courage to anyone facing any type of addiction – not just necessarily drugs and/or alcohol. Learn More about the Last Addiction.

The Spiritual Self: Written by Abraham Twerski, the founder of Gateway rehabilitation program based in Pittsburgh, PA, this book takes an insightful approach in understanding how spiritualism – independent of religion – can help overcome addiction and lead to successful recovery. Having written over 50 books on topics ranging on self-help and addiction, if you enjoy this book, it is certainly worthwhile to check out his others. Learn More About The Spiritual Self: Reflections on Recovery and God.

Freedom From Addiction: Deepak Chopra is a leading author in holistic healing, and we found this book to be equally enlightening as many of his other books we’ve read and enjoyed. In addition to teaching how to overcome addiction and avoid relapse, this book also focuses on finding meaning to life and dealing with the underlying causes of addiction. It is very different from many of the other books we’ve read, but still worth browsing through for additional insight. Learn More About Freedom from Addiction.

Do you have any other spiritual books for help with addiction to suggest? Have you read any of these books and want to share your thoughts? We’d love to hear your comments below!

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