Quit Drinking Without AA is Possible

Many people wonder if it is possible to quit drinking without AA. AA stands for Alcoholics Anonymous, which is one of the most recognized programs for those who wish to stop drinking.

Since AA is so highly recognized, one of the biggest misconceptions about those who wish to quit drinking is that they need to join a group like Alcoholics Anonymous. While many people have decided to try and use Alcoholics Anonymous and benefited from their program, it is entirely possible to quit drinking without AA.

However, there is one very big important thing to remember if you wish to quit drinking without AA: You need some sort of treatment for alcohol addiction. This is because often times you cannot quit drinking on your own. For some who are experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms, quitting on your own may actually be dangerous without the assistance of alcohol detox medications.

If you think about alcohol abuse as a disease, it only makes sense to go somewhere for a cure. You would not try to heal your own broken arm yourself, would you? Taking advantage of the medical and scientific advances in treating and curing alcoholism and alcohol abuse only makes sense.

In our article Is Alcoholics Anonymous Effective? we covered many pros and cons of joining a program like AA and how to decide if something like that is right for you or a loved one.

For many people AA is not the only option for treating alcohol addiction. There are literally thousands of drug and alcohol rehab centers to choose from – many of which do not follow the same guidelines and principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. From Luxury Rehab Centers to the uses of herbs such as Kudzu many people have found alternatives to quit drinking without AA.

However, it is important to remember that those who are looking to quit drinking without AA are thinking they can quit drinking on their own, without any sort of counseling or alcohol rehab treatment. This can be very dangerous as mentioned above, or it can cause the person to quit drinking unsuccessfully.

The next problem is that alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be fatal depending on the level of physical dependency to alcohol. Quitting alcohol cold turkey can be a dangerous attempt. Thankfully if carefully monitored under a professional’s care, using drugs such as Librium and others can help alleviate the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal almost completely. Before you even begin to think about how you are going to quit drinking, you should be sure to read our article How to Manage Withdrawal Symptoms and Quit Drinking Safely”.

The third step that makes quitting alcohol difficult is the mental changes that must take place in order to truly overcome the habit and reliance on alcohol as a means to solving problems. A good rehab program should include ways of helping you identify relapses, addressing underlying problems that caused the drinking in the first place, and ways to cope with life without alcohol.

It is entirely possible to quit drinking without AA. Talking to a professional, physician, or alcohol abuse counselor can help you decide what options would be right for you. If you are ready to make the step on quitting alcohol for good, you can quit drinking without AA or similiar Alcoholics Anonymous programs. Our resource on where to find alcoholism help will point you in the right direction to be alcohol free for good.

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