If You Loved Me You’d Stop!

Having a family member or close friend who drinks too much can be confusing, and many times your efforts to help the alcohol abuser seem to only make the problem worse. It’s even more difficult to understand WHY someone continues drinking. We’ve all asked the questions: Don’t they love you? Don’t they see that they are hurting you? Why won’t they just stop and get the help they need?

Recently I had the opportunity to read Lisa Frederiksen’s Book If You Loved Me, You’d Stop! What You Really Need to Know When Your Loved One Drinks Too Much, which gives the answers to all of the questions we face when living with or trying to help an alcoholic.

The author’s own experiences with a person who drinks too much, coupled with medical research and popular recovery program tools gives an added insight to understanding the problem in depth – and getting the help that YOU need as someone affected by another person’s drinking.

The non-confrontational and supportive tone helps you realize you’re not crazy or that the situation is hopeless – and there are things you can begin doing immediately to help your situation improve and reclaim your life.

Here are just a few examples of some of the things you can find in this book:
Definitions and Explanations of Alcohol Abuse as a disease
Quizzes and Assessments for Identifying Alcohol Abuse and Co-dependency
How Alcohol “Hijacks” the Brain
Understanding Denial and Setting Boundaries
Parenting With An Alcoholic Partner
How to Change Yourself to Reclaim Your Life
Additional Resources for Support, Treatment, and Information

Simply put, If You Loved Me You’d Stop is a book everyone must read, whether you are just recognizing the beginning stages of an loved one with an alcohol problem or have gone down the road of recovery already.

In addition to this fantastic book, Lisa also has created the website Breaking The Cycles which offers even more support and resources for someone concerned about a loved one’s drinking.

If you are concerned about a loved one’s drinking problem or recovery, this book is worth it to check out and read. The book is available online through Amazon.com.

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