How to Stop Smoking Weed and Pot: Beat Marijuana Addiction

For many, it can be difficult to stop smoking pot and weed, but this does not mean you cannot beat marijuana addiction. Learning how to quit smoking weed and beat marijuana addiction is a battle for several people unsure of why they feel the way they do and as if they may be out of control of their life.

Marijuana does not have severe withdrawal symptoms and it can be easy to quit smoking pot on your own without treatment centers, rehab, or counseling. In fact, many people often question is marijuana addictive? However, even if it is not physically addictive as most other drugs are, it is still habit forming and one can become mentally dependent on it.

While one can quit smoking weed on your own, it can be beneficial for many to seek counseling or drug treatment, since marijuana use can be a result of underlying problems such as depression, anxiety, or other emotional problems.

Before you become skeptical that the tips and steps for how to stop smoking pot below may not be of any use to anyone, it should be noted this article is written by someone who smoked enough weed/pot/marijuana (whatever the cool term for it may be these days) to be high from the moment she woke up until she passed out at the end of the night – roughly about an 1/8 ounce of marijuana a day. This was no regular old marijuana either, this was heavy duty, highly concentrated, rare to find, expensive pot.

Here are some tips on how to stop smoking weed from a former pothead herself:

1. Lose All Your Friends: This probably sounds like the most extreme thing you can do if you want to know how to stop smoking weed, especially if your friends are ones you’ve known a long time. But it is critical if you want to quit smoking weed that you no longer hang out with the friends that do smoke weed or are involved with other drugs.

You’ll soon discover after a few weeks that these friends weren’t real friends anyway and while yes, you will miss them, hanging out with them will only increase your hunger to start smoking weed again.

After you have gone several months without smoking weed, you may be able to call them and do something together that doesn’t involved alcohol or drugs, but chances are they may not be interested anymore. You may be tempted to quit smoking pot with a friend – this is almost always a bad idea since one of you will likely slip up again and fall back into your old pot smoking days easily.

2. Get Rid of Anything Related to Weed: Having pipes or other smoking paraphernalia is likely to make you desperate to start smoking weed again. Even other things such as t-shirts or music might make you desire to get high again, so be sure that you get rid of it all! If it is something you associate with smoking weed, it is likely to make you want to start smoking pot again. Give it away, destroy it – whatever just make sure you have no access to it!

3. Do Things to Occupy Yourself: When you quit smoking weed, you will wonder what you ever did without it. Finding new activities to replace your weed smoking activities with can be difficult. Do puzzles, watch movies, go to a park, take walks, read a book, sign up for a class to learn a new skill or hobby, exercise, or hang out with people who do not smoke weed at all. Replacing your old habits with new ones will help you quit smoking weed much easier. Remember that life was fun before and it can be fun again!

4. Learn New Ways to Cope With Stress: Since smoking marijuana is often used to escape or deal with problems, you will want to learn new ways to cope with stress. Meditation and relaxation techniques may be able to aid you with this. It also helps to start thinking objectively about problems and dealing with them as they arise instead of harboring them.

5. Do not Turn to Alcohol Instead: A common problem with trying to quit smoking weed is that you may be tempted to use alcohol or other drugs instead. This is a very bad idea, since these drugs are even more dangerous and addictive and more difficult to overcome.

Alcoholism is much harder to overcome than marijuana addiction, and the withdrawal symptoms of severe. You do not want to give up one problem only to create more problems. If you were addicted to weed, you will be easily able to fall into other addictions, and those will not be as nearly as easy to quit.

After just a few short weeks you will feel like a new person. You can learn how to stop smoking weed on your own. But if you continue to have problems quitting and still wish to stop, you may benefit from speaking to someone you trust or even considering therapy to help deal with the underlying problems preventing you from living a happy drug free life you have 100% control of.

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