How to Slowly Cut Down on Drinking Alcohol

If you’re not at the point you are physically addicted to alcohol, but think you should start cutting back, we’ve included a few tips of how to slowly cut down on drinking alcohol. It is VERY important however that if you do experience withdrawal symptoms that you speak to a physician or drug and alcohol center that can help you manage these withdrawal symptoms safely.

You may not even be able to tell if you are going through withdrawal symptoms, so be sure you read our list of alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Cutting back slowly on drinking alcohol if you are not physically addicted to do is much easier than if you are physically addicted. It begins first with awareness – how much do you drink per day, per week or month?

Start looking at what triggers you to drink or what situations you are more likely to drink in. Recognizing why you drink will help you find ways to slowly start cutting out alcohol from your lifestyle. For example, you may notice that you drink during sports games or order a glass of wine when you go out for dinner. You could start watching one game without any alcohol or not order an alcoholic drink at dinner, opting for something like water or iced tea instead.

The next thing to do is to limit yourself how much alcohol you consume at once. Instead of having 3-4 beers at once, try to have just one or two. Drinking less alcohol at once will help you lower your tolerance and the amount of alcohol in your body.

It is also helpful for some to limit themselves to drinking once a week. The problem with this is you may notice that your whole week planning may start to revolve around this day and it is likely you will want to consume more than one or two drinks at that time.

How you decide to limit your alcohol consumption is up to you. Just remember it can be very difficult to slowly cut back on drinking alcohol, which is why for many it is a much better decision to completely stop drinking all together. You will feel better and you will not constantly be thinking about alcohol – instead you will start thinking of other more enjoyable activities in life that don’t revolve around drinking alcohol. Many people need help to learn how to how to stop drinking and asking for and seeking help before drinking becomes out of your control is a good thing to do. There’s no reason to be embarrassed or ashamed in having professionals help you quit drinking slowly or completely.

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