How to Help An Alcoholic In Treatment

Many familes and friends are lost on how to help an alcoholic in treatment once the alcoholic has decided to get help and enter alcohol rehab.

While it will greatly vary depending on the level of addiction and the treatment that the alcoholic is receiving, there are many things you can do to be successful towards a successful recovery for someone in alcohol rehab.

Here is How to Help An Alcoholic During Alcohol Rehab:

Listen and Understand: Ask the alcoholic what they would like you do. Some people will welcome your help with wide open arms, others may rather not talk about it or have someone hovering over them and watching their every move. So listen to what they say and work on understanding what they mean.

Avoid Bringing Up the Past: Now is not the time to talk about past mistakes or try to instantly renew a damaged relationship from the effects of alcohol. Instead, try to focus on the positive in the present, such as “you did a great job today”, or “you really seem a lot happier.”

Offer Your Time: You can help an alcoholic by offering to drive them to treatment, attend meetings with them if they want you to come, helping them with medication, or organizing their finances. The key is to making it as stress free as possible, but without making the person in alcohol rehab feel as if they are being smothered, babied, or pitied on.

Do Relaxing Activities Together: Doing healthy and relaxing activities together can help the recovering alcohol focus on things besides not drinking. Going for a walk, swimming, or massage can help a lot.

Offer Encouragement: Being supportive and offering encouragement to attend sessions and meetings can show. Give them genuine compliments on how well they are doing. Show them the results and improvements they have made to remain motivated to continue with the treatment.

Show Them Love: Expressing your love to them is important. Give them hugs, kisses, or make them a card saying you’re proud of them. Remember love also involves honesty, respect, and kindness.

For more ideas on how to help an alcoholic in treatment, you may want to schedule an appointment with the care providers of your loved one for ideas related specifically to their treatment plan for alcohol rehab.

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