How Can I Tell if My Teenager is Using Marijuana?

Marijuana and Hash[/caption]Many parents at some point ask themselves “How can I tell if my teenager is using marijuana?” It’s a common concern amongst parents of teenagers, and its a good sign that you’re asking this question, because it’s quite possible that if you’re suspicious of your teenager’s marijuana use that you have a good reason to have that suspicion.

Of course, it is not always obvious to tell if a teenager is using marijuana or not. Some signs may also signal other underlying problems that while displaying the same signs of marijuana use may be other issues at home.

Here are some signs to help you tell if your teenager is using marijuana:

1. Disinterested in family events, sports, and other hobbies: When a teenager is using marijuana, there is a good chance they will give using the drug their attention. They may not care about going to sports practice or would rather hang out with their friends than come to the latest family gathering. They may suddenly seem withdrawn or uninterested in things going on around them.

2. Change of Friends: While teenage friendships can come and go, it’s a good chance that if your teenager has stopped hanging out with their “good” friends and now have a new crowd of friends they spend more time with, it’s quite possible it is because they are using drugs. People who use marijuana will spend less time with their friends who do not do drugs to spend more time with their friends who do.

3. Obvious Signs of Being Stoned: Teenagers who use marijuana will from time to time show the obvious signs of being stoned. This includes red puffy eyes, extreme hunger (also known as the “munchies”), extreme giddiness, extreme tiredness. It is also possible that he or she will smell like marijuana/smoke OR smell heavily of cologne or another perfume if they are trying to cover up the smell of marijuana on their clothes.

4. Secretiveness and a Concern for Privacy: If your teenager never cared about you coming in their room before or suddenly has a new bag or backpack they have started carrying around that you’ve never seen, it could be a cause for concern that they are hiding something.

5. Drug Paraphernalia: It can be hard to know what drug paraphernalia looks like. Common smoking devices include rolling papers, pipes (which can be glass, wood, or metal) and water bongs, which look pretty much like a vase but with an area to put the marijuana in to smoke on the side. Teenagers may also may their own homemade smoking devices out of soda cans or plastic soda bottles. If you see soda cans with burn marks in them, it’s a good chance it was used to smoke marijuana. Another sign would be if you notice your child wearing pro-marijuana clothing, listening to pro-marijuana music, or having other pro-marijuana related merchandise or accessories.

It can be difficult to determine if your teenager is using marijuana. If you notice one or more signs listed above, you now know the answer to “How can I tell if my teenager is using marijuana?” and respond appropriately. If you think your teenager might be using marijuana, be sure to read our article on How to Help Your Teenager Stop Smoking Weed.

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