East Coast Luxury Rehab

If you live in the eastern United States, there are many East Coast luxury rehab centers to choose from that offer many amenities for recovery. You will find that you don’t necessarily need to be a celebrity or travel to California to take advantage of some of the perks of this type of recovery center.

Luxury alcohol and drug treatment facilities generally offer the same counseling and treatment as the “regular” drug and alcohol rehab centers – but with perks like serene/majestic settings, spas, swimming pools, gourmet cooks and more.

There is nothing wrong with traditional addiction recovery treatment programs, and in many cases they are far more affordable. Most luxury rehab centers do not accept medical assistance or require private pay, though some will work with your insurance company if possible.

The philosophy behind recovery facilities that offer high end ammenities is that the more comfortable, less institutionalized environment can be beneficial for recovery. However, as many know who have been through rehab – gourmet chef or swimming pools or not – it’s no vacation, and having a successful recovery is reliant on being able to deal with avoiding alcohol in the “real world”. Recovery and rehab need to be able to give you the tools and resources to cope with life without alcohol in any setting.

If you’re interested in east coast luxury rehab, here are a few treatment centers available on the east coast:

Clarity Way:

Located in South Central Pennsylvania, this east coast luxury rehab center offers everything from a recording studio designed by Chris Thorn of the band Blind Melon to a business center for your laptop to a children’s playroom for family visits. A gourmet chef, massage room, salon, art therapy room, and recreation room make this luxury rehab center very comfortable for anyone learning for ways to live a sober life. Learn more at clarityway.com.

Care Florida:

Care Florida offers an east coast luxury rehab environment in Florida without the luxury rehab cost. Their facilities offer a private luxury apartment, full gym, pool, yoga, and more. You can learn more about Care Florida at careflorida.com.

Ambrosia Treatment Center:

Ambrosia Treatment center is another luxury treatment center on the east coast located in Port St. Lucie Florida, an area well known for beaches and golf courses. The facility offers well furnished rooms, swimming pool, and beautiful location for a resort like luxury east coast rehab experience. You can get the full details at ambrosiatreatmentcenter.com.

There are many other treatment centers throughout the East Coast, all the way from Maine to Florida. While many may not have some of the perks these rehab centers have, most of them are working on ways to make recovery a more comfortable experience. The more comfortable setting the recovery and treatment center is, the more likely you will be able to feel at ease for a better and healthy addiction recovery.

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