Drug and Alcohol Clip Art

For professionals and educators who provide materials on drug and alcohol abuse, having access to drug and alcohol clip art can make your presentations more professional as well as appealing. We’ve collected a few resources of places you can get free drug and alcohol clip art for your projects.

MorgueFile: MorgueFile, “where photo reference lives” provides many great photographs that are free for your use as long as you adhere to the image licensing terms. Simple search for terms such as “drugs” or “alcohol” and you will find many great pictures to use on your site.

Free Clip-art: This is another site with free clip art available that by searching for terms such as “drugs” and “alcohol” brings up many pictures.

Stock Xchange: This site provides ample photos and illustrations suitable to use for drug and alcohol clip art.

Microsoft Office: There are thousands of images available on this site. You must be careful though – they have a very strict no-commercial use policy, so be sure to read it before using any of their clip art in your projects.

Using drug and alcohol clip art can bring your printed and web materials to the next level. Hopefully this list will be helpful to you to increase awareness and make a difference!

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