Different Treatments of Alcoholism

There are many different treatments of alcoholism, and learning about them can help you or a loved one find the best plan for a successful recovery. Treating alcoholism generally requires two important things: overcoming the physical addiction as well as overcoming the habit and emotional dependence on it as well.

Overcoming the physical addiction will depend of course on the individual’s level of dependence. A mildly addicted alcohol abuser may be able to quit drinking without assistance for overcoming withdrawal symptoms. However, for someone who has been drinking for a long time and is severely physically addicted will likely need assistance since the withdrawal symptoms not only are unpleasant but also potentially fatal.

For this, finding a good alcohol detox program can make it possible to overcome the physical aspect without the side effects of withdrawal through the use of medications.

Here are some of the different treatments of alcoholism:

Medical Facility Treatment: There are many medical facilities such as hospitals and clinics that can provide help. They often accept government medical insurance programs and often help can be obtained for free or with your existing health insurance provider if you have one. For many who find themsleves in an emergency room from alcohol poisoning they will often administer whatever medical treatment is necessary.

You can also speak to a regular doctor to have them refer you to different types of treatment available through hospitals and clinics. Most hospitals have a mental health and substance abuse division that can give you additional resources and treatment options.

Alcoholics Anonymous: AA is probably one of the most recognized alcohol treatment programs, though it primarily only focuses on changing behavior after the alcohol abuser has gone through withdrawal or needs support in staying sober. There is no individual counseling or medical treatment administered through AA. For this reason, it is usually best to combine AA meetings with other treatments in order to facilitate the best possible recovery scenario.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers: In most areas there are drug and alcohol rehab centers that specialize in the treatment of addiction. They may offer outpatient (the person can leave the facility but must come back every day for services) or inpatient therapy (the patient stays at the facility) to treat alcohol. This is often a “one stop shop” for many fighting to overcome addiction as they are typically licensed and able to administer withdrawal alcohol detox medications as well as combine the same benefits of individual, family, and group therapy all in one. Often alcohol rehab centers will work with insurance companies and help you apply for medical assistance if you need it to obtain treatment. There are however a few that only provide to private self pay individuals, typically catering to higher income addicts with different luxuries such as serene settings and gourmet chefs. Some alcohol rehab centers may be Christian based, which in addition to traditional treatment offers the support for the spiritual needs of individuals as well.

Alternative/Natural Remedies: Some people have had success with treating alcoholism with alternative and natural remedies, such as using herbs like kudzu to fight addiction symptoms or reading self help books. This can be pretty dangerous for an alcoholic to do unless they are doing it combination with other treatments, as most people are not able to control their drinking on their own until after several months of sobriety. Many alcoholics have continued to struggle with addiction believing they can quit drinking on their own – which in some ways is a sign that the person is still in the denial stage of alcoholism. However, it is worth mentioning because not everyone wants to go through the traditional medical routes and with the right support and guidance can be successful treatment program.

Each of these treatments for alcoholism will vary from location to location and each facility may have different procedures and routines. However, most of them will concentrate on helping the addict overcome withdrawal symptoms and the physical addiction, and then work on the emotional and mental dependence as well. Different therapy options and practices are best to be discussed with a drug and alcohol counselor. Spiritual River also has an excellent resource on addiction help that has some helpful information and resources for those wishing to help someone they know battle alcoholism.

Understanding the different treatments of alcoholism can make it easier for you to find help and know what your options are. Remember, you’re never alone, and getting help is as simple as a phone call away.

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