Christian Drug Treatment Centers: How Are They Different?

When choosing treatment centers for drug or alcohol addiction, the choices can be overwhelming. Christian drug treatment centers are just one of the many options for people seeking help, especially if they are looking for a Christian based approach, such as Alcoholics Anonmous for example.

Here are some of the differences you can expect to encounter in Christian based rehab:

    1. Spiritual Needs: In Christian based alcohol and drug therapy, the focus is not only on behavioral and addiction concerns, but also in nurturing the spiritual side of a person.

    They may help an addict answer the common questions about God that many have: Why me? Why does he let this happen? Does God Hate Me?2. Prayer: Prayer is one thing you may encounter in a Christian drug rehab program that you may likely not see in other rehab programs. Meetings may start with prayers or songs to help bring everyone closer together and to ask for God’s assistance in becoming and staying sober. Prayer for many people has been a positive way to meditate and understand themselves and their needs better.

    3. References to Biblical phrases and stories: The Bible is very important in the Christian faith, and so it is often a great source of inspiration for Christians struggling with addiction. Many of the teachings in the Bible can be applied to learning how to live without drugs and alcohol and can further help one understand their spiritual beliefs.

    4. Rebuilding Relationships Also Includes God: Many families and friendships are destroyed by addiction. Christian drug treatment centers often include rebuilding a relationship with God. Going through addiction can make a person feel very empty – rebuilding a relationship with God can help fulfill that void.

Who Should Consider Christian Drug Treatment Centers?

Christian drug and alcohol rehab programs will certainly not turn anyone away who is seeking help with addiction. It does not matter your background or even your faith, as long as you are open to accepting the Christian based teachings.

Christian based treatment centers however are probably going to be the most successful for someone who has always been Christian but has watched their life become difficult to manage due to drug or alcohol use or someone who wishes to have religion and God in their life but don’t know where to start.

Who Should Not Consider Christian Drug and Alcohol Rehab approaches?

If you do not feel comfortable about the Christian faith, or are skeptical of Christian teachings, you may wish to seek other rehab programs that do not involve religion or spirituality in the program. Not because Christian treatment programs are not successful – but because they may not be the best alternative for you. If you are resistant towards the counselor’s beliefs, teachings, or practices, it may also make you subconsciously resistant to overcoming addiction all together.

Choosing an addiction treatment center is a personal choice. For some, Christian based programs have been the lifesaving decision they needed to overcome their addiction and get their life back on track.

For those who do not want religion in their life or are resistant towards the beliefs, it can make the journey to sobriety even more difficult. For any rehab program to be successful, the person going for treatment must be open and earnest in quitting. Being forced to recover against their own free will or to be apathetic towards the treatment program can often lead to relapse after relapse.

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