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Addiction and Nutrition-Is There A Link

Is there a connection between nutrition and addiction? Could eating better help stave off the propensity for using drugs or alcohol? Research is currently ongoing and shows there are some definite nutritional links to all types of addiction. Addiction Addiction is a complex disorder that involves both psychological and physical properties, which in non-technical language [...]

How to Help an Alcoholic Go Through Withdrawal

The most important thing to do to help an alcoholic go through withdrawal is to learn about withdrawal symptoms and what the body is going through. Alcohol withdrawal can be very dangerous – and even fatal – so for a severely addicted alcoholic, the best thing to do is go to a treatment center that [...]

East Coast Luxury Rehab

Think luxury rehab centers are only in sunny California and for celebrities? Here are a few east coast luxury rehab centers that might be of interest.

Celebrity Rehab: Craig Ferguson on Alcoholism

This is a video from The Late Show with Craig Ferguson, speaking out about his own alcoholic experience and why people should leave Britney Spears alone. He says some very good things about alcoholism and recovery and rehab. While it’s a long video, take a few minutes and listen to what he has to say.

Alcohol Rehab Therapy: How Therapy Helps You Stay Sober

A crucial step with alcohol rehab is participating in some sort of therapy. This will help you learn how to deal with your feelings or problems effectively, and how to change your habits to stop drinking or using drugs for good.