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Different Treatments of Alcoholism

Learning the different treatments of alcoholism can make it easier to find the help you need as well as choose the best recovery program that is right for you.

Ten Warning Signs of Alcoholism

There is a difference between an alcohol abuser and an alcoholic. This article with ten warning signs of alcoholism can help you identify if their alcohol abuse is becoming alcoholism.

If You Loved Me You’d Stop!

Dealing with a loved one’s drinking problem can be a frustrating and confusing time. Don’t they love you? Why won’t they just stop? Author Lisa Frederiksen answers these questions – and gives hope to anyone affected by a loved one’s alcohol abuse.

What Age do People Develop Drug or Alcohol Problems?

Alcoholism and Drug abuse can affect anyone at any age. We discuss which age groups at the highest risk of developing an alcohol or drug addiction.

10 Reasons Why Alcoholics Relapse

It can be difficult to understand why alcoholics relapse. This article provides insight on 10 of the most common reasons someone would start drinking again after completing a recovery program.