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Addiction and Nutrition-Is There A Link

Is there a connection between nutrition and addiction? Could eating better help stave off the propensity for using drugs or alcohol? Research is currently ongoing and shows there are some definite nutritional links to all types of addiction. Addiction Addiction is a complex disorder that involves both psychological and physical properties, which in non-technical language [...]

Using H.A.L.T. In Your Recovery

If you are currently in recovery for drug or alcohol addiction, you may already be using HALT as tool for maintaining your sobriety. The acronym HALT, is basically a tool to help you remember self care, one thing most of us addicts have never done well. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a prevalent problem [...]

Cure Alcoholism in 5 Steps

This post takes a look at how to cure alcoholism in 5 steps as well as other treatment options available.

Reasons Why People Drink Alcohol

Understanding the reasons why people drink alcohol can greatly help with treatment and recovery.

Sugar Craving Recovering Alcoholics

Can sugar have a role in why alcoholics relapse? This article takes a look at the relationship between blood sugar and alcohol addiction.