Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms typically vary from person to person, and the severity of symptoms will depend on how much the person drinks and how suddenly they stop drinking. Some symptoms of alcohol withdrawal are mild to moderate while other alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be potentially life threatening.

The effects of when an alcoholic stops drinking make it very difficult for a person to stop drinking alone, and for many people quitting alcohol without professional help can be quite dangerous.

It is not uncommon for someone with an addiction to alcohol to not realize they are experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can often be confused for anxiety or other problems. Relatively few alcoholics are aware they have a drinking problem, and it is not until alcohol withdrawal symptoms begin to become so severe that they cannot even wake up in the morning without taking a drink to cure the symptoms do they realize that they may be addicted to alcohol.

It is easy for many people could mistake the mild symptoms of alcohol withdrawal to be a number of conditions – even the common cold or flu. These symptoms can take into effect for an alcoholic if they go only just a few hours without a drink. Someone experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms may experience any of these conditions all at once, or separately even at different times.

Here are some mild symptoms of alcohol withdrawal:

Inability to sleep or bad dreams when sleeping
Shaking hands
Eyes blinking on their own
Clammy skin
Rapid Heartbeat

Severe (and potentially life threatening) alcohol withdrawal symptoms include:

Losing consciousness
Delirium Tremens (hallucinations and shaking usually within 48-72 hours of not drinking)

Alcohol withdrawal and its symptoms can be difficult to overcome. And it cannot be stressed enough that trying to quit drinking cold turkey is dangerous when your level of addiction is high.

Fortunately there are many treatment options available that can help you deal with the symptoms and many drugs that can often eliminate any of these symptoms completely. Wouldn’t you like to quit drinking without feeling all of the symptoms above?

Can you see how it would be much better to go to a treatment center and overcome these feelings with the help of medication than by sweating it out at night?

It only makes sense to get professional treatment when experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms, since alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be dramatically reduced or even eliminated! Alcohol Detox can help you manage withdrawal symptoms and quit drinking safely.

It’s not easy to go through withdrawal on your own – calling a reputable treatment center in your area can help make dealing with alcohol withdrawal symptoms not only safer, but much easier to cope with. They will also equip you with the tools, support, and resources so that once you have overcome the physical addiction to alcohol, you can also overcome the emotional addiction to alcohol.

You don’t have to go through alcohol withdrawal symptoms alone – you can get help to reduce or eliminate all of these symptoms and get your life back!

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