Alcohol Poisoning Statistics and Facts

When you consider problems related to drinking and look at the statistics, you probably associate alcohol poisoning with young teens or binge drinkers.

The facts are pretty simple: it can cause death, and it can happen to just about anyone who drinks too much at one time. It is not limited only to teenagers and college students, but also grown adults who “should know better” can accidentally make themselves extremely ill.

Alcohol poisoning is what happens when someone consumes a large amount in a short period of time. The amount it takes for a person to be at risk depends largely on their age, height, and weight, since it is the direct result of their blood alcohol levels. Males tend to be able to drink slightly more than females, however that is not always the case. Typically for most people, only 1-2 servings can cause them to be over the “legal limit”, meaning they would be arrested for a DUI, even if they do not feel or appear to be drunk. Tolerance is another issue to consider. While tolerance may reduce a person’s feeling of being drunk, it does not make any difference in the concentration in their bloodstream.

This problem is also dangerous when drinking is combined with other drugs or medications. This can also be fatal and lead to overdosing, since when combined drugs it can further reduce a person’s heartbeat and breathing to a dangerous point.

It is estimated that over 50,000 cases are reported each year. According to alcoholism poisoning statistics, over 1 in 1000 cases result in death. However, this statistic is not current, so it is not known for sure how many deaths and cases take place. The lack of up to date and accurate statistics is very alarming, since if people were aware of how many deaths and non lethal cases there were each year, as well as the effects of binge drinking, it could help in alcohol abuse prevention plans.

It’s important to know the signs of alcohol poisoning as well as its treatment. You never know when you may be faced with an emergency – college students at a frat party aren’t the only ones who need to be aware of these facts. Learning the symptoms and calling 911 is the difference between someone “sleeping it off” and saving a life.

Who is at risk for alcohol poisoning?
Teenagers and college students who are experimenting or are pressured into drinking games

Chronic alcoholics who don’t feel drunk even after consuming large quantities in short periods of time

Those who relapse soon after leaving a treatment center

Anyone who mixes alcohol while taking prescription, over-the-counter, or other drugs

Small children who are tempted to try anything and everything may drink it not knowing what it is

The only reassuring thing about it is that alcohol poisoning is preventable. Educating people about the dangers of drinking too much in a short amount of time can help many avoid binge drinking or other unhealthy behaviors that lead to excessive alcohol consumption. Learning the facts can prevent you from being just another person listed under alcohol poisoning statistics.

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