Alcohol Abuse Effects

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Alcohol abuse effects can vary greatly between person to person. Some people suffering from alcohol abuse may not have any noticeable problems. They may continue to go to work, socialize, and seem normal for months and maybe even years before alcohol abuse effects begin to take their toll on them. For others, they can display obvious signs of alcohol abuse in a shorter time.

Below are a few examples of alcohol abuse effects that can be detrimental to one’s life and well-being.

Depression: There is a direct link between depression and alcoholism. Some alcoholics abuse alcohol as a form of self medication for depression. Others may see severe depression as a result of their drinking and the mood swings that result from being sober to intoxicated.

Relationship Problems: This is one of the hardest alcohol abuse effects to cope with, since it involves more than just the person with the drinking problem. Arguments, distance, lack of communication, apathy, and even aggression or violence can evolve to damage relationships.

Job Problems: Alcohol naturally affects the way a person thinks and responds, which can make it difficult for them to perform well while at their job. They may drink while at work, or go in with a hangover. They may be “edgy” and not provide good customer service. They may also have many unexcused absences or considered unreliable. Eventually alcohol abuse effects can cause them to lose their job entirely.

Accidents: Being drunk can make a person more clumsy, making it easy for them to injure themselves. They can fall down a flight of stairs, potentially drown if in a bath tub or near pools and bodies of water, and of course if they attempt to drive they are very prone to being in a car accident which can injure or kill not only themselves but others.

Legal Issues: Alcohol abuse effects cause a lack of judgment which may lead to legal problems. An alcoholic may be more prone to stealing, lying, getting into fights, or fined for disorderly conduct and public intoxication. If the alcoholic is caught driving under the influence, the fines and punishments are severe.

Financial Problems: It is expensive to feed an addiction. The alcoholic can spend anywhere from an extra $10-$50 a day in feeding their alcohol addiction. If the alcoholic has medical or legal bills to pay or loses his or her job from other alcohol abuse effects it can be easy to fall behind or forget to make payments entirely.

Health Problems: The alcoholic is much more likely for health problems including liver disease, heart disease, kidney problems, cancer, malnutrition, stomach problems, brain injury, breathing problems, and being more likely to catch infectious and viral diseases.

As you can see, these alcohol abuse effects can do a lot of damage to a person’s life. This is why it is so important to get help sooner than later, since the risks of these alcohol abuse effects increase the longer a person continues to abuse alcohol.

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