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Do Drug Prevention Programs Work?

It’s estimated over $200 million dollars are spent annually on drug prevention programs. But do they actually work?

What Age do People Develop Drug or Alcohol Problems?

Alcoholism and Drug abuse can affect anyone at any age. We discuss which age groups at the highest risk of developing an alcohol or drug addiction.

10 Reasons Why Alcoholics Relapse

It can be difficult to understand why alcoholics relapse. This article provides insight on 10 of the most common reasons someone would start drinking again after completing a recovery program.

Christian Drug Treatment Centers: How Are They Different?

There are many options to consider when choosing a treatment center. This post takes a look at Christian based treatment programs, what differences you can expect from non-Christian based programs, and whether it may – or may not – be the right choice for you.

Spiritual Books for Help With Addiction

When overcoming addiction, many can find spiritual insight and the answers they’ve been looking for in the right books. We review 5 books that we feel can be beneficial if looking for spiritual answers in recovering from addiction.