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Is Marijuana Addictive?

Is Marijuana addictive? This post covers information on how marijuana affects users long term and how dependency may form, as well as potential marijuana withdrawal symptoms.

Understanding The Stages of Alcoholism

The stages of alcoholism will vary from person to person, but for most they are basically the same. Those who have gone down the road of alcohol addiction can tell you there are many stages they had to go through. Knowing when it is time to seek help and the degree of physical dependency can [...]

How to Slowly Cut Down on Drinking Alcohol

If you’re not physically addicted to alcohol but would like to start drinking less, here are some tips to help you slowly cut down on drinking alcohol.

I Should Quit Drinking Cartoons

Here are some lighthearted “I Should Quit Drinking” cartoons to remind us that laughter is good for everybody.

Quit Drinking Without AA is Possible

It’s a common misconception that in order to quit drinking you have to go through Alcoholics Anonymous. This article discusses what you need to know in choosing a method to quit drinking that is right for you.