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Binge Drinking Statistics

Binge drinking is a serious problem. Here are some binge drinking statistics that are likely to surprise you.

Causes of Teenage Drinking

Teenage Drinking is a big concern amongst parents and teachers. This post explains the causes of teenage drinking and what you as a parent can do to prevent underage drinking in your child.

How to Help Your Teenager Stop Smoking Weed

For parents, it is a huge concern when a teenager begins smoking weed. Many parents feel like they are out of control or do not know how to help their teenager stop the activity. Doing things like grounding the teenager or taking away privileges will unlikely convince anyone to stop smoking weed. Teenagers are especially [...]

How to Stop Smoking Weed and Pot: Beat Marijuana Addiction

Many people can struggle if they are trying to learn how to stop smoking weed. Here is some practical advice on how to give up marijuana for good from a former pothead herself.

Marijuana Addiction Test

Are you or someone you know addicted to Marijuana? While many say marijuana is not addictive, take this Marijuana addiction test to learn if you or someone you know may have developed a problem with marijuana.