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Alcohol Poisoning Statistics and Facts

When you consider problems related to drinking and look at the statistics, you probably associate alcohol poisoning with young teens or binge drinkers. The facts are pretty simple: it can cause death, and it can happen to just about anyone who drinks too much at one time. It is not limited only to teenagers and [...]

Signs & Treatment for Alcohol Poisoning

Knowing the signs of alcohol poisoning and its treatment is critical, as it can often be fatal. Being able to recognize the symptoms of alcohol poisoning can make the difference between getting treatment in time In many cases this can make the difference between life or death. Alcohol poisoning is what happens when someone drinks [...]

Celebrity Rehab: Craig Ferguson on Alcoholism

This is a video from The Late Show with Craig Ferguson, speaking out about his own alcoholic experience and why people should leave Britney Spears alone. He says some very good things about alcoholism and recovery and rehab. While it’s a long video, take a few minutes and listen to what he has to say.

Drug and Alcohol Clip Art

For professionals and educators who provide materials on drug and alcohol abuse, having access to drug and alcohol clip art can make your presentations more professional as well as appealing. We’ve collected a few resources of places you can get free drug and alcohol clip art for your projects. MorgueFile: MorgueFile, “where photo reference lives” [...]

Asperger’s and Alcoholism

The connection between Asperger’s and Alcoholism is one that often confuses many people. There are many theories, as well as misconceptions about both conditions that very few people understand well. To understand more about Asperger’s and alcoholism, we’ve answered a few important questions that people commonly have below. What is Asperger’s Syndrome? Asperger’s syndrome is [...]