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How to Talk to Children About Alcoholism

Talking to children about alcoholism can often be a very difficult thing to do. Children, who don’t see the world as grown-ups do, or do not really even know what alcohol is, may not understand things the way we do. If you’re helping a child deal with or understand a parent in recovery, or if [...]

How to Help an Alcoholic Go Through Withdrawal

The most important thing to do to help an alcoholic go through withdrawal is to learn about withdrawal symptoms and what the body is going through. Alcohol withdrawal can be very dangerous – and even fatal – so for a severely addicted alcoholic, the best thing to do is go to a treatment center that [...]

East Coast Luxury Rehab

Think luxury rehab centers are only in sunny California and for celebrities? Here are a few east coast luxury rehab centers that might be of interest.

The Best Beer is a Root Beer

This is a cute video worth sharing – it shows you exactly why sometimes the best beer is a root beer.

Teenage Drunk Driving Poems

If you work with teenagers, or are a parent, or may need materials for teaching about drunk driving, you may find the drunk driving poems below helpful. All poems are copyright, but you may use them as long as you credit with a link or as the author. You Might Not Care About [...]