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Signs of Closet Alcoholics

It’s not always obvious that someone has a drinking or drug problem. Here are some ways to tell if someone is hiding a drinking problem.

Should You Continue Your Relationship With an Alcoholic?

Being the significant other of an alcoholic is not easy, especially if that alcoholic shows no signs of stopping or can admit he or she might have a problem. How do you decide if you should stay or go?

Things to Do That Don’t Involve Alcohol or Drugs

When you stop drinking or doing drugs, you find that you don’t know what to do anymore. Here are some things you can do without drugs or alcohol for fun.

Why Do People Drink Alcohol and Not Get Help for It?

It can be hard to understand why an alcoholic continues to drink. This article explains why the alcoholic continues without getting help.

Is Alcoholics Anonymous Effective?

Many people wonder if alcoholics anonymous is effective. This non-biased article helps you decide if it may be right for you or if alternative treatments would be more effective.