Welcome to TalkRehab.org!

Alcoholism and substance abuse isn’t something most people want to talk about and it’s definitely not something anyone wants to admit is a problem.

TalkRehab understands this, but after going down the road of alcohol and drug abuse ourselves, and losing many good friends to alcohol and drug related deaths, we just can’t keep ourselves quiet anymore.

It’s time to start talking about alcoholism and time to start giving people the information that strangely is so difficult to find in understanding addiction and the resources to get help.

So we’re not here to patronize you or tell you that you have a problem. We’re simply here to give you straight talk and non-biased information on what alcoholism and drug abuse mean, how to get help, and living alcohol and drug free for anyone interested in learning more.

We’ve been down the road of alcoholism and drug abuse. We know what it’s like to be in denial, go through withdrawal, the recovery process, and what’s its like to lose friends to alcoholism and drug addiction.

If this is your first time here and you’re seeking for information to help you decide if its time for help for you or someone you know, you may find the links below helpful:

We hope you enjoy the articles and resources here.